Privacy Policy

Akita Inu Preservation Society complies with all laws and regulations regarding personal information and takes all possible measures to protect your important personal information.
Collection of Personal Information

We may collect personal information in the following cases.

  • When you make an inquiry to our organization
  • At the time of various applications to our organization

Purpose of use of personal information

Our organization uses the personal information collected from customers for the following purposes.

  • To contact the customer
  • To reply to inquiries from customers
  • Dog registration

Provision of personal information to third parties

The Organization will not disclose or provide personal information collected from customers to any third parties.
However, the following cases are excluded.

  • When there is the consent of the person in question
  • In case of request from public offices such as request from the police department
  • When the law applies
  • When required for identity verification, billing address verification, and credit checks by settlement companies

Disclosure and correction of personal information

If a customer requests the disclosure, correction, or deletion of his or her own information, the Organization will certainly comply with the request.