The Society was established in May 1927 by Mr. Shigeya Izumi, the mayor of Odate Town at that time.

It is said that this was done out of concern that the native dogs (Odate dogs) handed down from ancient times in this region were becoming mongrelized due to the muddying of the blood of the breed caused by the popularity of dogfighting. The organizational management of the breed was not easy, but it gradually got off the ground around 1934, and dog registration was implemented first, followed by the establishment of Akita Inu standards in 1938 and the holding of exhibitions in 1939.

After the war, the Akita Inu Association was quickly revived, holding exhibitions since 1947, and publishing the newsletter “Akita Inu” since 1949.

Since around 1949, branches and general chapters were established in various parts of Japan, and today there are general chapters in Tohoku-Hokkaido, Kanto, Central Kanto, Tokai-Hokuriku, Kansai, Chugoku-Shikoku, Chugoku-Setouchi, and Kyushu, with more than 50 chapters under their jurisdiction, and overseas clubs in the United States, China, Taiwan, Russia, and Europe. In addition to the biannual exhibitions held at the head office and the general branch in spring and fall, each branch holds one or two exhibitions a year, as well as other exhibitions and workshops as needed.

In addition, the Society celebrated its 50th anniversary in 1977, and the Akita Inu Museum was established to commemorate this event.