The Akita Inu Preservation Society (ASPS) is a public interest incorporated association that conducts public service projects for the purpose of “protecting and breeding the Akita Inu, a natural treasure, fixing its body shape based on its essence, and improving its various elements to contribute to the cultural development of the Akita Inu in Japan and to promote it overseas as a world breed of dog. The funds required for our projects are mainly provided by the membership fees of our members and the income from our various projects, but we will be able to expand and enhance our projects in the future with your support.

Tax Deduction System
As the Society has been certified as a “public interest incorporated association,” donations to the Society are subject to preferential tax treatment as a specified public interest promoting corporation for both income tax (individual) and corporate tax (corporate) purposes.

In the case of individual donations
Income Tax Deduction and Tax Credit
○ Income tax deduction
Deduct the donation amount (up to 40% of gross income) – 2,000 yen from taxable income
○ Tax credit
(Donation amount (up to 40% of gross income) – 2,000 yen) x 40% deducted from income tax (up to 25% of income tax)

Please refer to the IRS website for details.

Required Documents
In addition to the receipt, the following documents are required to receive the tax credit.

Attachment: Certificate of tax credit

Bank Account
※Please send anemail
with your address, contact information, and donation after transferring funds.

Postal Transfer Account: 02590-0-8313 Akita Inu Preservation Society
Akita Bank Odate Branch: Futsu 964670 Akita Inu Preservation Society