Akita Inu Preservation Society

13-1, Minomaru, Odate-shi, Akita 017-8691


By train

Get off at Odate Station and walk about 15 minutes toward City Hall.

By car

3.7 km from Odate Kita Interchange on Akita Expressway.
5 parking spaces on the premises.
There is a large parking space across the street.

Surrounding Area Guide

Katsura Castle Park

The ruins of the burnt down castle have been developed into Katsura Castle Park, and little remains of the castle ruins. Cherry trees are planted in the park, and on the south side of the park, there is a moat, the only trace of the castle ruins, and Odate City Hall stands on the south (outer) side of the moat. The Odate City Hall stands on the south (outer) side of the moat. On the east side of the park, a civic gymnasium and a martial arts center stand in a row, and National Route 7 runs along the west side of the park. National Route 7 is crossed by a bridge, allowing direct access to and from Akita Inu Kaikan. To the north is a causeway, and the area is elevated with a view of the Nagaki River and the Odate city area below.