Unit: Yen (incl. tax)

Item Fee
Admission fee (no admission fee for family members)
*Only for re-members
Regular member annual membership fee 8,000
Supporting (family) member annual membership fee 5,000

Registration fee for a single puppie within 3 months of birth (with pedigree) per dog 3,500
Registration fee for a single dog over 3 months old or rewriting from another organization (with pedigree) per dog 8,000
Re-issuance of pedigree certificate 3,000
Transferring a dog to another organization 3,000
Fee for adding information to pedigree
(up to 3 additional awards)
Breeding violation fee
(if the period between the breeding and the breeding report exceeds one month)
Late reporting fee (for a dog over 3 months old) per dog 3,000
犬舎号登録料 5,000
English document exchange fee 4,000 4,000
Breeding report does not apply to overseas clubs, but a breeding report is required if the owner of the father or mother dog is from Japan.
New member’s special ①
Membership fee, initial annual membership fee, name change material (paid by the bloodline book)
New member special ②
Membership fee and initial annual membership fee (no blood book)

Please pay the annual membership fee via the branch office.
Please pay the application to the branch office or the head office.

Head Office, Postal Transfer Account: 02590-0-8313