Examination to be a Member of the Akita Inu Examination Department

Applicants who wish to take the examination are requested to submit the “Application Form for Examination” with necessary documents to their branch offices. The application form should be requested to the head office via the branch office.
  • Applicants must be between 30 and 55 years old as of the date of the examination.
  • Applicants must understand the importance of the examination section, have leadership skills as a member of the Society, and have good judgment as a member of society.
  • Those who have been a member of the Society for at least 5 years and have a deep knowledge of Akita Inu.
  • Those who do not engage in the trade of Akita Inu as a business or any similar activities.
  • Those who have a certain amount of income and have a clear basis for living.
  • Those who have never been punished by the Society before.
  • Those who are not constantly criticized by other members, such as those who have deep connections with certain members, Akita Inu traders, or other members related to them.
  • Those who have not been criticized by others as a member or as a member of society, or have no unfavorable rumors.
  • Those who are not directly involved in the management of the Society, such as officers and general branch presidents of the Society.
Documents to be attached
Certificate of residence
Certificate of employment (certificate from the municipal office if self-employed)
Certificate of color blindness from an ophthalmologist
Health certificate
Curriculum vitae (one copy each of the above)
Examination subjects
Written examination
  • 1) Standard of Akita Inu
  • 2) About the height of Akita Inu
  • 3) Essay
Practical examination
  • Judging of Akita Inu
Interview examination
  • Interview with Selection Examination Committee members


  • We will contact you if there are any other requirements other than those listed above.