Article 4.
The purpose of this organization is to protect and breed the Akita Inu, a natural treasure, to fix the body shape based on its essence, and to improve various elements of the Akita Inu, thereby contributing to the development of the culture of the Akita Inu in Japan, and to promote the Akita Inu overseas as a world breed of dog.

Article 5.
In order to achieve the objectives stated in the preceding article, the Organization shall engage in the following activities

1. Registration of dog registry and kennel number and issuance of pedigree certificates concerning Akita Inu.
2. To hold exhibitions and appreciation meetings, and to provide guidance and training through study groups and round-table discussions concerning Akita Inu.
3、Intensify, protect, breed, and popularize Akita Inu.
4、Publishing the newsletter “Akita Inu” and other publications
5、All other activities necessary to achieve the objectives of the Society