Specified Commercial Transactions Act

Sales CompanyAkita Inu Preservation Society
Name of the Chief Operation OfficerKei Endo
Page URLhttps://aki-ho.sakura.ne.jp/shop/
Address13-1, Minomaru, Odate City, Akita Prefecture
Fees other than the product priceBank transfer fee, shipping fee (200-800 yen)
Return Policy

【Returns are accepted or rejected.】
In the case of defective products, etc., we will accept returns upon notification.
In principle, we do not accept returns for reasons attributable to the customer.
Please check the following “Conditions for Returns” for details.

【Conditions for Returns:】
We accept returns only in the following cases
・In the case of defective products
・If you receive an item that is different from the one you ordered.

【We will bear the shipping costs for returns.】
We will pay for the shipping cost of returning the item, so please pay on delivery.

Delivery time5 days
We will arrange shipping within 2 to 3 business days after confirming payment.
Payment Method

・Bank transfer (prepaid)
・Postal transfer (prepaid)
・Pay by Postal Transfer (Payday) *You will need a cell phone that can receive SMS (Short Message Service) to use this service.
This is a payment method that does not require advance registration and allows you to pay for one month’s worth of purchases in one payment for the following month.
You will be notified of the finalized billing amount on the 1st of each month by email and SMS between the 1st and 3rd of the month.
Please pay from a convenience store terminal or bank ATM according to the payment method indicated in the billing notice.
<About Paidy>
Paidy is an online payment method that does not require advance registration and allows you to pay for one month’s purchases in one payment for the following month.
No matter how many times you make purchases in a month, you can make one payment in the following month.
The amount spent for one month is determined on the first day of the following month and notified by e-mail and SMS.
Payment can be made at convenience stores, by account transfer(*), or by bank transfer.
A payment fee will be charged depending on the payment method (only once a month, regardless of the number of times you use the service).
In the case of payment by account transfer, the debit date is the 12th of the following month. However, this does not apply during the year-end and New Year holidays and major holidays.
If it falls on a holiday of a financial institution, the debit date will be the next business day. For more information, please visit https://paidy.com/payments/.